Seasonal Transition

We’re starting to get into that transition time between summer and fall harvest. The fall crops are looking great, and summer crops are starting to really wind down. I’m done with cucumbers and squash, and this will be the last week for beans. Tomatoes and peppers will continue for a while, and there might be some more eggplant.

The boxes will start transitioning to more greens, root crops, and winter squash as we move toward October. In a few years, this will be apple time, too, so that’ll be something to look forward to. The orchard I planted this year is looking good and getting well established. I am moving toward organic certification on that orchard which will make it the only Oneida County organic orchard, and one of only a handful in NY State.

Enjoy the mix of summer and fall crops this week, and we’ll try to hold on to summer for a few more weeks here. Have a great week. —Jason


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