High Summer

High summer, and it looks to continue for quite a while. September is such a nice month around here — I’ve always thought it would be the perfect month to shut everything down and just enjoy the harvest, put stuff up for the winter, get going again with routines in October… but as it is, I end up staying up until late in the night if I want to can some tomato sauce, squeezing in the time to a busy schedule.

If you’re in the mood for late-night canning or sauce/salsa making (or hopefully you have the time during daylight hours!), the farm continues to be open to U-pick tomatoes.  Those of you who know your way to the farm can come up any time. Call or text if you’d like to come up for the first time.

Also: others you know can contact me for bulk tomatoes. I will pick them at $25 for 20#, $15 for 10#.

In the boxes this week will be green zebra tomatoes, an all time favorite = green and yellow striped, tangy, lemony, great. Also skinny French Haricot Verts beans, some really nice spinach, my favorite cantaloupe = a Colorado-bred muskmelon that does well in north country… and more sweet corn that will be picked early Tuesday, so plan on it for Tuesday dinner.


Enjoy this beautiful weekend!


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