Tomatoes! And Sweet Corn

Tomatoes are in, for sure, Kira Gregory’s beautiful photos attached. I will load up the boxes this week, but please feel free to come out to the farm and pick more for processing.

Also, if you can spread the word that I am selling tomatoes in bulk, that would be a big help in moving the large crop I have. I will be selling 10# for $15 and 1/2 bushel (~20#) for $25.

There will also be melons, including dark skinned Sugar Babies, in the boxes this week.  Squash and cucumbers are winding down, and this might be the last week for both of those. Fall crops look great, so the boxes will start slowly transitioning into more in the way of greens and root crops going into September and October. This week there will be Swiss Chard, and some nice spinach, in addition to lettuce.

And plan on sweet corn for dinner Monday night: I don’t generally put much effort into sweet corn as it takes up huge space and soil fertility, but I did play around with some this year, and it’s a decent crop. Best to eat it the day it’s picked!


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