Unlimited U-Pick Tomatoes for CSA Members

Things continue to move along with this nice steady summer: lots of sun, good heat, rain just when we need it. Tomatoes are getting ready to explode. In the boxes this week will be cherry tomatoes (the orange ones are Sun Golds, very sweet); saladette tomatoes called Mountain Magic which are perfect to quarter in salads; some beef steak slicers for tomato sandwiches; and then the purple ones: if you’ve never had them, they’re Cherokee Purple, my all-time favorite tomato. Let me know what you think.

Also lettuce, peppers, basil (= bruschetta and pesto), onions, garlic, and some personal sized watermelons, along with more cantaloupe. Not easy to grow melons up here, but this summer we’re doing okay with some northern bred varieties.

Looking ahead, there are going to be more tomatoes than I can handle. Starting next weekend, the farm will be open to unlimited tomato U-pick for CSA members. Let your friends know: price for them would be $1.50/pound for tomatoes and $3/quart for cherry tomatoes U-pick = best deal in upstate NY on organic tomatoes.

Enjoy this nice stretch of weather: I always love that we get everything in this area, from the arctic blast to the same swelter as the tropics… the perfect balance of the Mohawk Valley?…


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