Ripening Tomatoes, Short on Rain

Everything is looking nice at the farm, with tomatoes finally starting to ripen. The little bit in the boxes this week should turn into a steady supply up until frost.

It’s dry, though. Reminds me of the 3 years I spent as a manager on a California farm, where it does not rain from April until October. Two full-time workers (60 hours a week is the legal pre-overtime ag week in CA) were devoted to irrigation. They were always watering something somewhere on the >200 acre diversified organic CSA farm. Lately, I’m always watering something somewhere on my 10 acres. And more and more, the water I put on just disappears, soaked up by bone dry soil and thirsty plants. Luckily the pond is deep and our hill is full of springs, but we could still really use a few days of rain.

One of the wells used for washing did go dry last week, so I am not going to wash the potatoes or carrots in boxes this week. The potatoes are Red Norlands, and are a nice dense red-skinned white potato, awesome for anything from boiled to mashed.

I’ve also got some beets, chard, cabbage and a bit of salad mix coming this week. The lettuce might be tending towards the bitter side, but it’s the best I can do in the heat and dry. It will probably be 2-3 weeks before there is more lettuce in the boxes.

And some musk melons! (cantaloupes)… they’re an early variety I tried this year… see what you think… no guarantees, melons are hard to grow around here, but we’ve opened up some good ones…

Hope you enjoy the boxes, and are continuing to enjoy this amazing summer.


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