U-Pick Basil, Beans, Cukes

Nice to have some rain today. We’re pretty much in a summer-long drought, and this was the first thing even close to a soaker since spring. The creek behind our house didn’t rise at all, though, an indication of how quickly the plants are taking up every bit of it.

There might be some romaine lettuce this week, but that will be it for lettuce for a while, until cooler weather returns. Instead, I’ll have some tendersweet cabbage, a flat orb shape fresh eating cabbage in boxes this week. I’ll also have kohlrabi and some garlic, along with lots of beans and cukes.

Tomatoes are coming… and once they hit, I should have a fairly unlimited supply. Speaking of unlimited, if anyone wants to make pesto, you’re welcome to come out and U-pick the abundant basil.  If you can beans or pickle cukes, let me know, and I should have spots you could come out and pick.  Just get in touch to let me know when you might want to come out.

Also, if anyone could help with mulching strawberries in the coming week to week and 1/2, let me know. It’s a big job and we could use some help.

Thanks, and please return wax boxes when you’re able. I could also use plastic shopping bags for markets, if anyone has large stashes. Just leave them out for me.


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