Sunset and Jewels

We’re past the peak of strawberries, but there should still be some in the boxes this week, particularly a variety called Sunset that I’m liking a lot — big berries with a lot of flavor. There will also be some smaller Jewels as those plants wind down, and we’re finding those smaller ones to be some of the sweetest.

It’s likely that I’ll open up the patch to U-pick next week to scavenge the last of the berries for storage or jam. Let me know if any of you are interested. It’s been a great strawberry season, and we’re feeling very blessed to have dodged or sheltered the patch from the many strawberry world dangers — frost, rain, fungal pressure, hungry flocks of birds…

And now on to summer crops, which are looking pretty good. Lots of squash flowers, little tomatoes, tiny cukes, and purple eggplant blossoms.

This week, look for more salad mix, greens, beets, garlic scapes, a second wave of radishes, and it is possible that some broccoli and snap peas will make it into the mix — if not this week, then definitely next!

I’d like to continue with Wednesday drop off day for now if that is good for everyone.


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