Strawberries, Lettuce, Arugula, Kale…

Roller coaster weather, but the strawberries seem to be fine with it: we will have more for everyone over the next few weeks, including the start of my favorite variety, Jewel, a selection out of Cornell’s breeding program in Geneva, NY.

Most of spring planting is now done, with tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, cukes, summer squash, and winter squash all in the ground and growing well. One last push to get melons in the ground this week and we’ll be over the hump… just in time to start seeding fall crops in the greenhouse, believe it or not… but not to dwell on the long list of things to do…

More importantly, there will be strawberries, lettuce, some arugula, and bunches of kale in the boxes this week, with next week looking good for radishes, young beets, and bulbing onions.

I also have some bok choy that has holey leaves from some spring pests that love brassicas and got under the row covers. We’ve been eating lots of it. If you’re interested in it, please let me know and I’ll include some in your boxes.

And speaking of BOXES: Please return them to me by either dropping them off at your pick up site (Bagel Grove is fine with taking them), or leaving them out for me. I also love to get used quarts and egg containers back.

Also, I will be sending out lists of pickup dates to all the half shares so that it is clear which week your box will be ready.


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