Last CSA update, it was snowing. Then it was 90 degrees. Now we got a little rain… things happen fast with weather in NY, I try not to ever lose sight of that. When I lived in California, the spring (and weather in general) tended to go slowly along the same track for weeks on end — making CA one of the greatest, most dependable places on earth to grow fruits and vegetables… except when it’s not…

A friend of mine runs one of the largest CSA’s in the Sacramento Valley, where rain in mid to late May is an unexpected disaster. This year he lost about half his strawberry crop to rain when it wasn’t supposed to rain. Here in NY, we’re a little more flexible about when it rains… and I’m thinking at this point we will have at least some strawberries in June, and maybe a lot.

With fruit and vegetables growing, rain can be good, rain can be bad: today’s rain was somewhere in the middle, not really much to worry about. There wasn’t enough of it to stir up a whole lot of fungal spores and weed seeds, and it definitely brought back cooler temps — that’s a good thing. Overall, though, we could use a good soaker!

Beyond strawberries, tomatoes are going in this week, potatoes got planted over the weekend, beans are seeded, and spring crops, although stressed by summer temps over the last week, are going to enjoy the cooler weather coming later in the week.

It looks like June 17 for the first shares, but maybe sooner, depending on the conditions for strawberries. I’ll be starting weekly updates in June.

Looks like summer is here. To celebrate, I’m going to wrap up the strawberry row covers and get some tomatoes tucked away under a hoop house, safe from the rain and its fungal highway… some pics here of the one my dad and I worked on this week — and also of the girls getting to work painting the young apple tree stems against sunburn and stem borers!


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