Fruit Trees Planted and Full Greenhouse

Spring came all of a sudden. There was standing water in parts of the field 10 days ago, and now the soil is dry to a foot down… needless to say, it’s been pretty much flat out for these last 10 days.

We managed to plant >260 fruit trees over that time — apples (cider, heirloom, dessert, and cooking varieties), plums, cherries, and pears. It’ll be a few years, but happy to have them in the ground. Could not have asked for a better stretch of tree planting weather!

I also got peas in the ground and the greenhouse is full, full, full with tomatoes making their first appearance. Transplanting time for greens and broccoli is right around the corner!


I’m guardedly optimistic about strawberries — they do seem to have survived the winter intact. I know of several growers who lost all their strawberries in the late cold snap we had, so we will soon see if the 2 layers of row cover I used did the trick. When I managed farms in Ithaca this was always the technique we used, and it definitely paid off there…

So… so far, so good. The sun-soaked Mohawk Valley! Hope everyone’s enjoying this beautiful stretch of weather.


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